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History of the World Wide Web

If you see a hypertext in a page and that you can click it, this is a result of the World Wide Web. If you click the hypertext, it will bring you to another site where you can see more information about what you are looking for.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is created due to the discontentment of internet users. When internet was made, people can easily access the internet.

Tim Berner is the one who created the World Wide Web. He worked at a Nuclear Research Department  or in CERN in Switzerland. He was summoned as a person who would work for the World Wide Web. He was given the role to create this project after CERN prepared all the materials or tools that he will use in the project. Luckily he found the Hypertext Mark-up Language in 1989. In 1990, there was a proposal to improve html that was made as a web server by also developing the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

These did now work out as much as they had expected but at least there was a spark for it. This project had been launched again and again until the coming of 2013 when Paul Jones, said that he still have a copy html and http files of Berner necessary for the launching of the World Wide Web. People wouldn’t believe at that before but now, we are seeing the works of Burner-Lee. There is now easy access for acquiring knowledge and satisfaction form the net. This is now being appreciated that people could not even imagine how genius he is.